The Hotel de Girard has the name of one of the owner’s families during its history. This house is typical of the urban evolution in the city with an easy plan and successive extensions.

XIIIth century : Foundation of the convent for the « Repentants’ girls from St-Gilles ».
XVIth century : Misappropriation of the convent by the protestants.
XVIIth century : An historic building was built by Raulin de Gayraud.
XVIIIth century : Alignment of the front and gardens when creating the Esplanade.Extension and recovery of the inside decoration by Moulceau’s families, then Girard.
XIXth century : Durand’s family property grow it up.
XXth century : The Durand’s Hotel lives as a town house until the inter-war years and becomes a apartment building.
XXIth century : Beginning of a necessary restoration and the house turns in part to the welcoming.

From Jacques Fabre de Morlhon
New look on the old Montpellier.